Under 15s Match Reports, Season 2006-2007




11th March 2007 Wetherby Athletic
Whinmoor Juniors

The game started at a fast tempo with both teams trying to get to grips with a rock hard pitch causing the ball to bounce all over uncontrollably. The match was a rather even affair in the first half with both teams creating several half chances, one of which Mark Seabourne hit the crossbar after a delicate first touch from around the penalty spot. However, the best chance fell to Wetherby when the ball was played across the six yard box from the right hand side but the oncoming Wetherby striker put the ball over the bar. This was a real let off for Whinmoor as it looked certain Wetherby would score.

The half time whistle came with neither side able to convert any of their opportunities. The Whinmoor team gathered round, all panting for breath as each and every player out there put 150% into that half and thoroughly deserved their rest.

The second half started at the same fast tempo as the first with both teams pushing for that crucial first goal. Whinmoor then began to control the game stringing passes together and winning every 50-50, then deservedly gained a 1-0 lead as a long throw from captain Ryan Coupe was headed in by Steven Johnson. It looked as though Whinmoor was going to run away with the match as we again created chance after chance, the best falling to little Sam, the ball was bouncing across the goal and he stretched as far as his little legs could and was just inches away from giving Whinmoor a 2-0 lead.

Then four minutes from time Wetherby broke swiftly and scored with a shot from the edge of the 18 yard box. It was a goal that levelled the match, and one they didn't deserve. Both teams then were pushing for the winning goal but neither succeeded.

The game finished a draw which was two points less than what we deserved but was better than no points at all. Their was two positives to bring out of this game however as the performance was excellent and Ross, the new keeper, had a very solid and encouraging debut. (NT - posted 22/3/07)


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3rd December 2006 Kirk Deighton
Whinmoor Juniors
Whitley (2)

Expectations were high as this match finally got up and running. a 5 week delay left both teams with something to prove. After early exchanges with both teams going close, Whinmoor broke the deadlock. Daniel Whitley stole the ball from midfield and powered through the defence before coolly slotting the ball in the bottom left corner. Whinmoor dominated the rest of the half but could not score past the keeper who in Whinmoor's eyes was Kirk Deighton's best player.

The second half began with Kirk Deighton on the attack, they could have gone level but for some excellent defending by man of the match Richard Topley aided by his fellow defenders Ben, Ryan and James.

A change of players saw Stephen Johnson go from midfield to the right wing, James to midfield and little Sam to defence. It proved an ingenious decision by manager Adrian Thorpe and assistant Simon Topley. Whinmoor proceeded to inflict wave after wave of premiership football attacking but could not score until Stephen received an excellent pass from Danny, he proceeded to skin the left back sprint along the bye-line and cleverly buried the ball into the roof of the net past the flailing keeper. 2-0 to Whinmoor - game over. After numerous attempts Whinmoor just couldn't create a 3rd goal, despite dubious decisions, Kirk Deighton's 12th player (the ref) couldn't stop Whinmoor's 11 from dominating the game.

By Stephen Johnson (Posted 9/1/07)


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19th November 2006 Halton Juniors
Whinmoor Juniors
County Cup  

Unlucky!!!! Whinmoor started the match very well pilling on the pressure. But with a very early injury for Luke meant they had the advantage when Matty went in net. The first half ended badly, Whinmoor came out on fire as Nathan ran from the halfway line and hit a fantastic shot which rattled the crossbar.

Shaun and Danny linked up well together to force a fantastic save out of the keeper. Ben played the ball down the line to Alex where Alex played a square ball to Stephen. Stephen had a shot and it hit the defender on the arm, Danny put the ball down and smashed the penalty into the top right hand side of the goal - no chance for the keeper, it was a Gerrard like penalty. The fulltime whistle was blown and the match came to an end Whinmoor had played well, there was another great performance from Ryan, Rich, Wadie and Jordan, as well as a good match for Matty covering for the injured keeper Luke. WELL DONE LADS!!!!! By Alex Buckley (Posted 1/12/06)


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12th November 2006 Killinghall Nomads
Whinmoor Juniors
Whitley (2), Seabourne, Riley

Well what can I say robbed again. The first half was a disappointing 40 minutes again. We were slow out of the blocks, so the other team could capitalize from our bad passing and gain the first hurdle to victory so to speak! By half time we were 2 or 3 down, but come to half time Adrian and Simon gave Whinmoor the usual talk which encouraged us to show Killinghall the Whinmoor spirit which is dug deep in our hearts! A fighting spirit was the key in the second half. Straight away we chassed every ball and we finally won it. Some nice one touch passing from James Wade, Jordan Riley, Daniel Whitley created the opportunity for Daniel to score his second of the game. His first came from a powerful shot that flew into the bottom corner. The goals came from Mark with a bullet of a header and the other was from Jordan Riley. The ball came him on the right and he crossed it and somehow it went in, was it a cross or was it a shot we will never know. Unfortunately , Whinmoor lost but that is the part of the parcel of the game. So we will walk away heads high and learn from our defeat.

by James Wade (man of the match) (Posted 14/11/06)


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5th November 2006 Whinmoor Juniors
Ripon City Panthers
League Kirk (2), Seabourne, Smith, Johnson

The whistle was blown and Whinmoor were gagging for a win after there 8-3 defeat against Harrogate the week before. The team was a little shaky at the start but after we remembered how to pass to feet we scored the first goal of the match. The second came about ten minutes after. The team were loving it and so were the fans. Whinmoor then conceded a goal just before half time this was due to a lack of communication between two of the defenders, but the lads didn't let their heads go down, they just got back into the game as usual. Half Time.

The second half began and the lads were really going for it. Not long into the second half Mark Seabourne scored a belter in the bottom corner. Ripon then scored a second goal after the defence were overloaded with people to mark in the box. But then Ben smith our central defender brought back our fighting spirit with a spectacular goal which looked like a miskick drilled passed the Ripon goalkeeper on the 80 th minute. Ben later informed us it was an intentional shot and not a miskick. Sam Whitfield then made a superb run down the left wing and received the ball, he took on the goalkeeper and scored but the assistant referee disallowed it and said he was offside which he clearly was not. Thirty seconds until the end of the match and Ripon were shattered you could tell they had given up all hope on winning the match and just to rub it in Stephen Johnson scored a volley from just inside the eighteen yard box, the ball was put back in play from the centre spot and the referee blew the whistle. Scorers : Sean Kirk (2), Mark Seabourne, Ben Smith, Stephen Johnson. M-O-M: Luke Armitage. (by Damian Armitage) Posted, 5/11/06)


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29th October 2006 Harrogate Railway
Whinmoor Juniors
Johnson (3)


An inspirational performance, was not reflected at the final whistle with a flattering 8-3 defeat in favour of Harrogate. The league champions were left staggering after a world class team goal which saw whinmoor go 1-0 up after 10minutes of play. With newly started Alex Buckley providing a Ronaldinho like peice of skill which resulted in 'Man of the Match' Stephen Johnson giving Whinmoor the early lead. A superb solo run and an emphatic lob from well over 25yards out saw Whinmoor taking a 2-0 lead over the Champs. The home team stuck back fiercely, scoring just before the half time whistle. Whinmoor then took the initiative and regained full control of the game. Stephen Johnson completed his hat-trick with a powerful drive sailing in off the post! After a serious head injury to Whinmoors number 1 Goalkeeper Luke Armitage saw Harrogate capitalize when clearly the referee should have stopped play. A lengthy delay followed and all hope was gone as more dubious decisions knocked Whinmoor out of their stride. The home team took advantage and the scoreline flattered the home team, when the reality was, for the majority of the game Whinmoor were the better team.... AND STILL ARE IN MY OPINION!!

Ben Smith (Posted, 5/11/06)


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15th October 2006 Whimoor Juniors
Knaresborough Celtic

Finally, one touch passing won the game for Whinmoor Juniors under 15......In the words of manager Adrian Thorp 'Absolutely fantastic'. Everyone played 'Absolutely fantastic' especially Nathan Thorp who won the man of the match ( great game, keep up the good work Nathan)

At 2 - 0 some sloppy defending gave Knaresborough Celtic a goal. We didn't let it get our heads down, we carried on playing ' Absolutely fantastic' and scored another two goals. Final score 4 - 2. p.s lets get more goals in the back of the net next week!

Ryan Coupe (captain) (Posted 18/10/06)

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