Coaching Co-ordinator : Josh Beilby

Josh is a qualified coach with 3 years experience who is currently working towards his degree in Sports Coaching.
Josh has FA level 2, Multiskills Level 2 and FA Youth Module 1 & 2. He also has connections within the professional game.
He has worked at Powerleague for a number of years, and has participated in the running of after -school clubs, kids parties and half-term football camps.

If anything, he's a bit overqualified, the big show off.


Josh will be assisted by other members of our club, who have all the necessary qualifications and are experienced in making sure the kids enjoy themselves whilst learning about the game.

  The new look Whizz Kidz includes:
  • Monthly learning focuses (Learning syllabus)
  • Player of the week - Player with the best attitude, willingness to learn, showing sportsmanship showing personal improvement and striving to reach targets - Winner receives a certificate
  • Player of the month - Showing continuity of good attitude, always willing to learn, always a good sportsman and always trying to improve - Winner receives a certificate and medal
  • Monthly Challenges - player to have shown excellent progress in the chosen skill through practice at home - Winner receives a certificate and a bag of sweets
  • Best attitude of the month - Player who has shown the most positive attitude to coaches, parents and the games within the session - Winner receives a certificate
  • Monthly attendance certificates - Awarded to all players that attend every session in the relevant month
  • Monthly penalty shoot outs -Person to win the penalty shoot out -Winner receives a personalised trophy
  • Stickers to be handed out before, during and at the end of the sessions - given for those showing good progress, good attitude, sportsmanship and enjoying football!
      Whizz Kidz Syllabus

    What is it?
    The learning syllabus will provide monthly specific techniques and skills for participants to practice to improve that particular skill. (E.g. Dribbling, Passing, Shooting, Defensive Principles etc.)

    Why we are doing this?
    By learning techniques and skills in 4/5 week blocks, this cements the particular learning focus into the participant better than what 1 off sessions do; as often the participant does not have that repetitive practice.

    How will I carry this out?
    I am going to carry this syllabus out by planning a different session every week sticking to the learning focus to help challenge the technique and skill in the participants under different situations to give the participants as much experience as I can within that month.

    When will this be starting?
    This new syllabus will be in place for the first session, which is on Monday 3rd October.
      Contact Josh by e-mail at, or the club at